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    Getting a little worried

    it's important to research where the article came from and the date. Some times old articles that have long since been debunked pop up "new" but it's really a regurgitation of an old article that is made to look fresh but it's based on old data. A few years ago there was a damning article about the horrible effects of heating a coil and all the bad properties it was giving off but the article failed to mention that excessive voltage was being pushed through the coil (way way more than you and I will ever see). that article kept popping up under various guises because the "powers that be" think we're stupid. I have yet to see any article published that has any merit to the claims you refer to. And the vaping industry advocates keep a pretty close eye on those articles and respond to them rapidly. we're all concerned about the safety of vaping but many of us have done a lot of research on this so this is still only an opinion but there is no way in hell vaping can be compared to smoking in terms of destructiveness. They are completely different animals no matter who wants to position vaping alongside smoking. They are too easy to position as evil bedfellows and the anti smoking lobby knows this and uses it to their advantage. Ironically enough, instead of finding allies with the vaping industry - a move that would have pratically wiped out cigarette smoking by now -- the anti smoking lobby shot themselves in the foot and rendered themselves impotent with regard to health and instead, lobbied billions of tax dollars on inefficient campaigns and a regressive tax. Now I'll tell you how I REALLY feel, lol
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    Getting a little worried

    I like to use the old adage of “You’re more likely to die on the car ride to the airport than you are of dying in a plane crash”...are either modes of transportation 100% safe? Nope! But is there one that is statistically safer than the other? Yep! Like the poster above, there are studies and numbers and statistics and opinions that I don’t have the energy to go searching through, but another thing that it seems the anti-vaping folks like to throw around is how we truly don’t know the extent of the long term damage that vaping can cause as opposed to smoking, as vaping hasn’t been around long enough for there to be concrete facts on that. But, you can counter that by simply asking someone stating those things if they use a cell phone...because the technology used nowadays for cell phones is still pretty new if you want to look at things in the viewpoint of if it can cause long-term damage. For all we know, 50 years down the road they may discover we have been slowly melting our brains or causing some sort of damage to our dna because of so much cell phone use...but does that possibility of something bad being discovered 50 years down the road going to make you toss your cell and go back to a landline or even possibly a rotary landline (because wireless phones might possibly be causing us to go sterile after 75 years of use)? I very much doubt you’ll get anyone to engage you in any debate after that because of this pesky thing called “logic” that seems to be lacking in the folks that say vaping is just as dangerous as smoking. So...if you’re thinking of giving up vaping and going back to smoking because if both are potentially bad, you might as well go with smoking...that’s your choice...but then you’d have to give up riding on planes, because if you can die from a plane crash the same as you can from a car crash, why bother stepping on the plane even if the odds of dying on the plane are one-in-eleven million as opposed to the one-in-five thousand odds of dying in a car crash?
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    Getting the best out of you’re mod

    note: 1.8% is Eurospeak for 18mg. If you're not getting throat hit at 65 watts on 18mg then I would check to make sure you have a throat! (said with great humor if not easily assimilated)

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