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  2. Hozit guys, Im new here to this forum and i live in South Africa. I have been vaping for 4 years now and im passionate about reviewing vape products, DIY liquid which i have been making for 3 years and anything that goes with vaping. Hope i can share some of my latest reviews here which i have done for VOOPOO, XTAR, VAPORESSO and other manufacturers on a honest user review basis. Im part of the south african vape forum and community ecigsa and im quite keen on learning new things from abroad as well! Lekka! StompieZA
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  4. I’m rlly struggling like everyone here it’s blinking 4 times idk how to clean it ☹️
  5. My next trip to Spain. I finally booked hotel and tickets today. Honestly, I am passionate about traveling, it's my hobby. And actually it's not that easy to plan a perfect trip, that's why I recommend a good website, where you can find any website travel related, so check it out <removed spammy link>
  6. I am a newbie too! Nice to meet you
  7. Which country/countries would you like to visit? Why?
  8. After doing a little research, as I do not have one of these, I think I can explain. If you go to info page on Smok site you will see that the tank does not come off like a traditional tank. The bottom of the tank is the top of the battery. You have to empty all the juice out, take the glass off, then unscrew the coil. At that time you can then access the center pin to gently lift it as described above, or clean out any juice that has seeped past the o-rings, or clean out what ever is shorting the coil to the battery. A search of the web for "Smok 22 troubleshooting" revealed a bunch of issues with these either shorted or open, with suggestions on how to fix each issue. Way too much for me to try and list here. Hope this helps.
  9. I recently got a Smok Vape Pen 22 and the light blinks four times (as stated in problems above) iv'e followed all the steps and the pen still wont work, the coil is brand new, and i am reluctant to throw it away. Any Suggestions
  10. no side effects .. best and better then smoking
  11. I totally agree with your gf. When I smoked I had terrible problems with breathing and heart rate but I was so addicted that I couldn't stop doing it even suffering from bad health conditions. According to https://addictionresource.com/drugs/nicotine-addiction/rehab-for-smokers/ 90% of all lung cancer is caused by cigarette smoke, when I just realized that risk I replaced smoking with a vape. And it got much better. I feel much healthier now than before.
  12. The Flamingo is being revamped with longer lasting Strawberry flavors as soon as the next orders come in.
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  14. I have a new recipe. It is a yummy short steeper! The Flamingo: 80VG/20PG CAP Lemon Lime .8% FA Lemon Sicily .4% DIYFS Organic Lemonade 5.4% ( http://www.diyflavorshack.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=Organic+lemonade&Submit= ) TPA Raspberry, Sweet .4% TPA Strawberry Ripe .8% CAP Sweet Mango .4% CAP Sweet Strawberry .5% Total 8.7% flavor So very good!
  15. Personally, I like CCELL PALM the most, it's quite powerful and a super compact at the same time. In addition, it has a 500mAh battery, which makes the vaporizer works longer. Shortly speaking, highly recommend.
  16. I am looking for good flavors too, any suggestions?
  17. The Nitecore we have is a Intellicharger i2, I just purchased another Nitecore i2 but a 2016 version that will support the 20/21700 batteries. Thanks @FXRich for your imput!
  18. I don't use anything but 18650 myself, and use a nitecore D2 charger, after doing some research I figure if I had 20/21700 batteries I would get the nitecore Q2 which is a 2 bay charger, and sells for about $20.00, the Q4 is a 4 bay, and the Q6 is a 6 bay. In my opinion nitecore makes the best chargers.
  19. Back story: I have always used 18650 batteries, but now have a mod that can take the 20/21700 batteries. The chargers I have (a Nitecor and a Tenergy), my 21700 batteries do not fit so I can charge them. I need a recommendation for a charger preferably a 1 or 2 bay that won't set me back tons of cash. I'm leaning toward an XTar but not sure which one. I've looked at the ANT MC-1 Plus, and VC 2 Plus Master. Other brand recommendations are welcome as well. Thanks in advance for your help!
  20. Redline Vapor has a great clearance pricing on Dekang Eliquid and they add new flavors weekly. That also keep in house so there is a ton of options if you call in. Fast USA shipping
  21. I agree with both @cany and @VapeMama but be prepared to have to do some trial and error. For me it was a little like going to the doctor. Pretty good but now I have this going on. Change prescription. You get the drift. And then there's the "oh look, something new!" In search of the ultimate vape! Wonderful hobbie if you look at it like that. Like @cany, I would be embarrassed if I divulged how many mods, atties, and juices I have went through and or have. Regardless, it brings me a lot of joy both in the activity and knowing I'm not on analogs any longer.
  22. First of all, welcome to VT! I agree with @cany. Find a vape store, ask questions and more questions! My first set up was an Ego pen 5+ years ago, and now have a variety of devices I use.
  23. My first guess would be that it needs to be charged. When is the last time you charged the battery?
  24. hi could someone please be able to tell me as to why my 88 vape mod silver item goes red on the power button when I smoke it,
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