Current e Cigarette Laws by State

Current e Cigarette Laws by State

Hey Folks,

So I receive emails daily asking about new state laws going into effect, what current laws are on the books and if they should be concerned. (You should always take action in your state when new laws are in the process of being created).

Keeping track of these constant changes can be exhausting so I’ll make this post the “go to post” for those with questions about current state laws. Attached is a summary provided by the Public Law Center  a great website for keeping up to date with latest changes.

The PDF a snapshot of the U.S. landscape of e-cigarette regulation as of March 15, 2016. The information below was based on a 50-state (plus Washington, D.C.) survey of current state statutes pertaining to e-cigarette regulations in the following areas: definition of “tobacco product,” taxation, product packaging, youth access/other retail restrictions, retail license/permit requirement, and smoke-free air legislation.1 Whenever possible, hyperlinks to free online resources containing the cited authority are included. Please note, however, that some links go to legislative websites or portals because the laws have not yet been codified or are not otherwise available. The N/A designation refers to the lack of state laws or regulations related to e-cigarettes as of March 15, 2016; however, many local laws in these states (and throughout the U.S.) address e-cigarettes.

To access the PDF you can Click Here or see the attachment below.

Current e-cigarette laws