Black Label eLiquids

Our gourmet Black Label e-liquids are meticulously crafted with only the finest quality, U.S.-sourced ingredients. Each flavor is incredibly complex, sometimes comprised of as many as 50 raw flavors. Members of our laboratory staff hold PhDs in fields such as toxicology and chemistry. The quality, complexity, attention to detail, and customer service for Vapor Talk® Black Label is second to none.

Black Knight

From the depths of darkness, this rich flavor offers an authentic and delectable caramel taste. Warm notes of Tahitian Vanilla coat your taste buds, with an extremely smooth and refined vapor.

Eden’s Empire

This luxuriously creamy take on the timeless classic dessert has an enchanting blend of wild strawberries and velvety whipped cream. Straightforwardly scrumptious and irresistible, even to the most refined palate.

Adam’s Apple

A ridiculously crisp and refreshing vape that combines the stark tartness of green apple and the hydrating sweetness of watermelon. This flavor is fantastic as an all day vape or right after a rich meal.

King Of Churn

his delicious butterscotch flavor is the liquid manifestation of emotional delight. Experience the diacetyl-free creamy goodness. Dip in and indulge.

Prince Of Jazz

Inspired by our team in Beijing, Prince of Jazz give you an incredibly flavorful and creamy Jasmine Milk Tea. This robust yet earthy flavor maintains a delicately natural balance of spice and subtlety.

Crown Jewels

Bringing together the perfect balance of sweet and tangy, Crown Jewels offers a sugary romance coupled with fruity undertones.